80 foreign job centers operating in Iran

May 3, 2016

TEHRAN- Around 80 foreign job centers are presently active in Iran to employ Iranian work force, Mohammad Akbarnia told ISNA on Monday.

Since the implementation of the nuclear deal between Iran and the six global powers in January, different countries, namely Australia, Germany, Denmark, Turkey, and Ireland, have expressed tendency towards providing Iranian work force with jobs in their countries, the official said.

England, Australia and Georgia are ready to establish job centers in Iran, he added.

Iranians looking for work in foreign countries can refer to the available job centers to get advice on finding a job there and to look at advertisements placed by the countries that are looking for new employees, he said.

As reported on February 19, Iran eyes Italy, German and Australia’s job market. “If ongoing negotiations between the Iranian government and senior officials of Italy, German, and Australia come into fruition, Iranian job hunters majoring in engineering, medical, and paramedical fields will find the chance to work in those countries,” Deputy Labor Minister Mohammad-Taghi Hosseini said.

Hosseini added the three countries have shown interest in hiring the Iranian workforce, IRIB news agency reported at the time.

He also said Iranians from various occupational echelons have long been working in the Persian Gulf countries.

The request, however, for Iranian workforce in the region has decreased due to political reasons, he added.

Hosseini also said that countries in Central Asia such as Tajikistan and those in the Caucasus region such as Azerbaijan are interested in employing Iranians.



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