Iran, Italy to cooperate on renewables

July 15, 2007 - 0:0

TEHRAN (PIN) -- Energy Minister Parviz Fattah in a meeting with the chief executive officer of Italian Enel Company, Fulvio Conti, in Tehran called for developing cooperation with Italy on renewable energies.

At the meeting, Fattah pointed out that while Iran has hardly tapped renewable energies from sources such as the sun and wind, it has prepared the ground for this and has taken measures to construct wind farms, IRNA reported. Enel has experience in renewable energies, he said, urging the Italian company to invest in power projects in Iran. He continued that Iran could cooperate with Enel in the power sector, proposing that they could even establish a joint company. Pointing to the remarkable presence of international companies in domestic oil and power sectors, he proposed that Enel establish an office in Tehran to promote cooperation with Iranian companies. Fattah said that foreign investment regulations have been amended. Economic conditions are improving and the national economy is being transformed from state-run to a private one, he pointed out. Referring to the age-old ties between the two nations, he said Iran is interested in promoting power cooperation with Italy. Since energy is cheap in Iran, the government plans to adjust the prices, he concluded. Conti also expressed his readiness to develop cooperation in transferring technical know-how on power generation. Taking advantage of renewable energies and establishing new power plants using modern technologies can serve as a ground for cooperation, he added