Velayati says Iran won’t allow Syria’s disintegration

May 24, 2016 - 10:13

TEHRAN – Ali Akbar Velayati, top aid to the Supreme Leader, said on Monday that Iran will not allow Americans’ and its allies dream to disintegrate Syria to come true, branding it a “hideous plot,” according to IRNA.

The veteran politician made the remarks in a meeting with visiting members of the Russian Center for Strategic and International Studies in Tehran.

“Iran will adamantly resist such hideous plots and Bashar al-Assad is Iran’s redline,” Velayati was quoted as saying in the session.

The Syrian crisis and Tehran’s unfailing support for Assad have been running themes in almost all Velayati’s meetings.

In his recent meeting with President Bashar al-Assad in Damascus, Velayati hailed the resistance shown by the Syrian government and people against terrorists as “unprecedented in history.”

“Iran will use all its capacities to counter terrorists regardless of their farcical division into moderate and extremist,” he had said during the meeting.

Fighting terrorists is very important to establish international peace and security, the veteran politician had noted.

Elsewhere, he had told student news agency ISNA that "Syria is the golden ring of resistance front.” 

As of 2011 when the Syrian conflict waged, Tehran has been providing financial and military supports to the Syrian government, showing strong commitment to counterterrorism attempts.






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