Trust Indian judiciary, ambassador says of Narges Ashtari

November 14, 2016 - 10:7

TEHRAN - On the story of an Iranian-British woman Narges Kalbasi Ashtari who is being kept in India for a crime she never committed, Indian Ambassador to Tehran Saurabh Kumar asked Iranians to trust the Indian judiciary and Indian institutions.

“Things will work themselves out. The process is underway. Independence of judiciary is an important pillar of Indian State. Today, if you tell me to do something it would be very difficult, because there is a judicial process underway. Let that judicial process do the work. I think justice will be meted out and there won’t be any cause for concern. But for the executive to intervene in the judicial process is not possible within our system. I have conveyed the sentiment here to my government. We will do our best.”

Ashtari, 29, went to India when she was only 21 to help underprivileged and orphaned kids Ashtari is in India now awaiting her trials for a crime she never committed. She has issues plea for help after being charged with manslaughter.

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