Persian poetry night held in Lithuanian city

August 30, 2017

TEHRAN – A Persian poetry night was held at the Apeironas Theater in the Lithuanian port of Klaipeda on Tuesday.

Persian poet Mohammad-Javad Aseman and a number of Lithuanian literati also attended the session, which was held by the Lithuanian translator of Persian literature, Daina Buseckaite, the Persian service of FNA reported on Wednesday.

Aseman delivered a speech about Iran, Persian literature and his poetry at the session, and Buseckaite recited her translations of Aseman’s poems. 

The poetry recitation, which was also blended with theatrical performances by Lithuanian actresses Egle Kazickaite and Greta Kazlauskaite, was warmly received by the audience.

Aseman said that there are many people in Lithuania who are studying the Persian language and Iranology, and added that the absence of close diplomatic relations between Iran and Lithuania has not caused the Lithuanian people to show a lack of interest in Iran and Persian literature.

“Unfortunately, the media present a bad image of Iran in the world, but to understand Iran, you don’t need these unreliable agents,” he noted and called upon the audience to visit Iran.

He called poetry Iranians’ most significant art and said that they also know many works by Persian poets by heart.

Aseman and Buseckaite answered questions from the audience at the end of the meeting.

Photo: This file photo shows people visiting the tomb of the Persian poet Hafez in the southern Iranian city of Shiraz.

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