Museum for drawings opens in Tehran 

November 5, 2017

TEHRAN – A museum for drawings opened its doors in Tehran on Friday.

Farhad Gavzan is the founder of the Drawing Museum that is located on Mohammadpur Alley off Musavi Street downtown in the capital.

The museum is composed of a section for museum pieces, two galleries for periodical exhibits, a coffee shop and a store for art materials.

Speaking to the Persian service of Honaronline on Sunday, Gavzan said, “As a major medium, drawing has been able to secure itself a place among young Iranian artists over the past few years and also has caused galleries and art universities to experience a dynamic atmosphere.”

Gavzan who is also the founder of the Drawing House in Tehran said that drawing is still a young art and added, “This medium came under the spotlight in Iran almost as soon as in other places in the world.”

“Therefore, drawing is among the few art fields in which Iranian artists can move shoulder to shoulder with other artists in the world.”

Gavzan said he has made numerous trips around the world to mull over the establishment of the museum. 

Over 100 works by young artists have been accumulated for the museum that he noted would enjoy the limelight for at least 20 years.  

Photo: Art aficionados visit the Drawing Museum after it opened its doors in Tehran on November 3, 2017. (Honaronline/Sharareh Samei)


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