Prepare for winter in Persian style

December 18, 2017 - 15:53

Winter is associated with flue and cold in our minds. Iranian traditional medicine provides some advice for each season. By following the guideline, you can enjoy more during the cold season:

  •  Increase your sport activities and exercises. However, be aware of cold weather and stay warm with proper clothing.
  •  Due to increase of flue and catarrh in cold season, do not use foods with cooling characteristics.
  •  Use more chicken egg, quail egg or pigeon egg in your foods.
  •  Drink herbal teas made from ginger, saffron, cinnamon and cardamom daily.
  • Try to eat more hot food and drinks as well as edibles with warming characteristics.
  • Kebab, Abgusht (a stew with meat, chick pea, and beans), Haleem (a stew including wheat or barley and meat) are good choices for winter.
  • Eat more apple and quince during cold seasons.
  • Don’t forget seasoning with warming characteristics like cinnamon, saffron, caraway, thyme and pepper.
  • Do not drink cold water and also be cautious about using yoghurt and doogh (a yogurt-based beverage).


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