Intelligence Ministry recounts measures against riots

January 10, 2018

TEHRAN – The Iranian Intelligence Ministry issued a statement on Wednesday recounting some measures undertaken by the ministry in regards to the recent riots that hit some cities in the country.

The ministry said it managed to identify and arrest some terrorists involved in the riots, Mehr news agency reported.

It said that the anti-revolution terrorists were tasked with turning the peaceful protests over economic problems into anti-establishment riots.

“The Intelligence Ministry succeeded in identifying and arresting some of the elements responsible for the riots, murder and beatings of civilians and police forces with firearms and cold weapons,” read the statement. 

It also said the rioters destroyed public properties and disrupted the general order and security.

The report also said that a terror cell which entered the country from western borders, equipped with weapons and three AK-47 rifles (also known as Kalashnikov's Automatic Rifle), were identified and arrested in the western city of Sardasht. 

The cell intended to conduct terrorist operations in Iran but was dismantled by security forces, it added.


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