Iranian, German businesswomen eye co-op opportunity

January 23, 2018 - 10:2

TEHRAN – The Iranian vice president for women’s and family affairs and the chairwoman of Germany-the Middle East Friendship Association discussed the ways for boosting cooperation between Iranian and German businesswomen in the future.

Creating economic opportunities for educated women is one of the most important strategies of the current administration in the field of women and family affairs, said VP Masoumeh Ebtekar here on Sunday.

Speaking at a meeting with Helen Rang, the chairwoman of Germany-the Middle East Friendship Association, in Tehran, Ebtekar put emphasis on the capacities of Iranian women and their effective presence in educational and social affairs, Mehr reported.

Ebtekar went on to explain about utilizing modern information and communication technologies in order to increase women’s economic contribution and facilitate the electronic jobs.

Ebtekar touched upon what she called the huge capacities of cooperation between Iran and Germany and boosting extended contribution of women in Iranian society.

The German side, for her part, referred to the long history of cooperation between Iran and Germany and voiced content that women area can be one of the areas that Iran and Germany can work on jointly.

Germany has experience in information technology, communications, and successful startups, Rang said, adding, various potentials exists in these fields in order to develop women’s position in trade and business.


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