Iranian games, toys on display at Tehran fair

February 6, 2018

TEHRAN -- A collection of toys and games made by Iranian producers and companies are on display at the 7th Iranian toy and game fair at the Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults (IIDCYA).

Mind games, educational games as well as different kinds of toys including electronic toys, puzzles and dolls made by Iranian companies are on display at the showcase, the Persian service of IRIB reported.

Many of the toys and games are designed by Iranian producers. The showcase will also display local games from different regions of Iran.

The event, which started on Monday, will wrap up on Friday.

Toys and games plays an important role in early ages. According to, considering the amount of time children spend playing with toys, it seems strange that so little attention has been drawn to their contribution to development. It is even more surprising that the apparent disparity between girls’ and boys’ cognitive abilities in later years lasting into adulthood, especially concerning boys’ average higher aptitude for spatial and mathematical tasks or girls' talent for empathy and language, has not been linked to the dualistic, gendered nature of children’s toys and the media.
Children are not only able to learn skills early on, but they can recognize and internalize social cues from their environment. Adults therefore have a responsibility to ensure that children's potential to be influenced is used for good and not evil, and to prevent any internalizing of harmful information like prejudices and oppressive stereotypes.


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