Iranian judge punishes minor crimes with tree planting not jail

March 10, 2018 - 20:25

TEHRAN – Mohammad Reza Amuzad is a judge in Galikesh, northern Golestan province, who punishes minor crimes with alternative sentences such as planting trees in the province.

During the past one and a half year that he has judged in this rather small city, Amuzad has passed many cases of alternative sentences since he believes they are more preventive than jail, Khabaronline reported on Saturday.

Totally, those who had conducted minor crimes are sentenced to plant some 10,000 saplings in the region, said Amuzad, adding that more than half of these saplings are being planted in fire-damaged forests of the region.

Offenders are required to buy saplings from Forests, Range, and Watershed Management Organization, he said. This act will hopefully guarantee that trees which are being planted will not harm the environment by being invasive. 

Also, offenders are tasked to care for the saplings for two years, the young judge highlighted.

He went on to say that if offenders escape the punishment, they will immediately face prison.

These kind of sentences have a positive effect on decreasing crimes, providing efficient services to the public and diminishing the stress imposed on the family of offenders, he concluded.


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