By Javad Heirannia

Bolton wants JCPOA abandoned: Lendman

April 3, 2018 - 9:45

TEHRAN- U.S. columnist Stephen Lendman says that “Bolton wants the JCPOA abandoned, I believe a key reason why he was appointed.” 

 “Earlier he urged war on Iran and North Korea. He’s a bad, very dangerous actor”, Lendman tells the Tehran Times.

Following is the text of the interview:

Q: Donald Trump recently made changes to the cabinet and changed his security and foreign policy team somewhat. Mike Pompeo replaced Rex Tillerson and "Gina Haspel" became head of the CIA and "John Bolton" replaced McMaster. What was the reason for these changes?

A: I’ve written so much on these developments, very disturbing, what I call the complete neocon takeover of U.S. foreign policy.

I called Haspel America’s torturer-in-chief. Bolton, Pompeo and others are militantly hostile to Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, Syria, and other sovereign independent countries.

They support forcible regime change, wars of aggression their favored strategy, threatening world peace and stability.

By delegating U.S. foreign policy to these extremists, Trump abdicated his executive authority. I believe he’s held hostage in the White House by dark forces running America, including Wall Street in charge of domestic policy.

I expect more wars ahead instead of responsibly stepping back from the brink.

I believe the reason for the changes is that Trump bowed to the will of these dark forces in charge, fearful they might remove him otherwise in favor of Pence.

Q: What will these changes affect the foreign policy of the Tramp government? Which U.S. foreign policy domains will be more affected by these changes?

A: The changes likely mean more aggressive U.S. behavior than already. Ongoing wars could be escalated, new ones launched, Iran and North Korea prime targets.

Q: With the Pompeo and John Bolton approach, how do you assess the future of this agreement?

A: I believe Trump will either abandon the Iran nuclear deal or order unacceptable changes amounting to the same thing - weak-kneed P5+1 countries Britain, France and Germany likely going along enough to effectively kill the JCPOA. I hope I’m wrong.

Q: John Bolton has recently announced that Iran's nuclear deal is not reformable and will not be reformed through U.S.-European talks. Some believe, that Bolton's choice is for more Scoring about nuclear deal. What is your assessment?

A: Bolton wants the JCPOA abandoned, I believe a key reason why he was appointed. Earlier he urged war on Iran and North Korea. He’s a bad, very dangerous actor.

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