By Sirus Fathollahi

Why Zionists insistence that American stay in region?

April 20, 2018

More than seven years, That Syrian government and people are involved in crisis. Many different terrorist groups in a various types as an ISIS and Al-Nosra front for years under protection of some regional and trans-regional countries the security of this country has been challenged.

However, in terms of the resistance of the Syrian government and the people of these years, they are admirable, because these terrorist groups and their supporters have foreseen that the Syrian government would resist and hold on for a short time, and would easily give the government a group aligned with western and reactionary countries in the region. But the seven-year Syrian resistance, along with their allies in the area of this terrorist attitude, has failed and will remain intact in history.


The ISIS supporters' wrath at the defeat of the terrorists (Between the headlines)

Including the danger of the most devastating insurgents of ISIS's Syrian security and their supporters, The continuous defeats of this terrorist group have played a major role in changing the field equities in favor of the resistance axis, and the terrorist group's engagement provided a position for the resistance forces that could remove more areas from the control of the terrorists, as the failure The heavy and disgraceful people in Mosul have also suffered heavy defeats in Syria.
For this reason, it can be said that these terrorist groups, with comprehensive support from the Americans and the Westerners and some reactionary states of the region, which are conducted directly and indirectly, are capable of carrying out operations that have been announced for their sponsors' purposes So the issue of the failure of the terrorists against the Syrian army and its allies has been deeply disturbing for those supporters, and every new day are looking for a new scenario to retaliate or stop the train of victories and developments in the Syrian government and people.

American burned scenario for Syria (Between the headlines)

Until now, the anti-Syrian axis leading to various kinds of evil has failed in spite of the endless efforts of terrorist groups and some Arab sheikhs to internationalize the Syrian crisis and the pressure on Bashar al-Assad. Iranian advisers, the entry of the resistance fighters of Lebanon and the emergence of disputes over the resources between powerful countries and Arab sheikhs have all led to these failures.

 But the accusation that Damascus has repeatedly rejected it is the false claim of the United States and its allies that it is a repetitive scenario for condemning Bashar al-Assad to the use of chemical weapons in Syria, and in the last scenario, He reached the "Duma" in the eastern Ghouta.
Given that it has been repeatedly announced that the Syrian government has no chemical weapons and that, referring to the fact that Syria is holding a field operations initiative and retrieving various areas from the terrorists every day, every common sense perceives that this government There is no need to use chemical weapons to carry out their work, and certainly does not charge the worker with a charge.

Following recent Syrian military victories against terrorists, most experts have accused the Syrian government of using chemical weapons as a new way for Americans to reverse the truth and play public opinion, and the only purpose behind this is to The rescue is terrorists.
In Benefit of Israel and in the form of propaganda for the Syrian people (Between the headline)

Israel is a country that has been in search of Syria over the years, because it considers Damascus to be its long-standing enemy, and over the past years, with air strikes and missiles, to the Syrian army's positions to help terrorists and equip them in various direct or indirect ways. In directing and blowing up the war, supporting and transferring the wounds of terrorist groups to the occupied territories has been only part of the Zionist efforts to protect the terrorists in recent years, and that Israel cannot be denied the presence of terrorists in the region, especially in Syria.

The Israeli attack on the T4 base in Syria has essentially been the driving force behind the US and its allies attacking different bases in Syria, although as soon as the issue was made public, the Americans issued a statement declaring they were not planning to attack any of Syria's positions. However, it will focus on preventing the use of chemical weapons in Syria.

But while the United States and its allies did not even have the opportunity to inspect the Duma by UN inspectors, the unconventional operational environment created a trilateral coalition between Washington, London and Paris, carrying out a missile attack on some of the Syrian bases, which has a more dramatic aspect. And some empty buildings have been destroyed.

The need for vigilance axis of resistance (Between the headlines)

During a dramatic attack by the United States and its allies on Syria, one of the countries that supported the operation was the Zionist regime, according to this all-round welcome from the Zionist regime; this practice is in line with the Zionist regime's interests and policies. Analysts say It is predictable that Israel wants to bring the troop to the regional war because it is very obvious that it has a lot of pressure on this occupying regime to recognize the rights of the Palestinians and this pressure from the public opinion of the people of the world and the organization Different international countries are increasing every day, so the Zionist regime  With the establishment of another war in the region, Trump will push the public's minds to the other, reducing the burden of this burden, and in the current situation, the only useful option for the Zionist regime to escape from the international demands waging war is by Trump .
The first problem in the Islamic world is the liberation of Palestine, the Israelis are grossly mistaken, because the axis of resistance will definitely stand against the United States and its allies and will not allow the first issue of the Islamic world to be marginalized, as well as a rash response to the United States in place and time Will be unknown.

At the end of the day, however, it should be remembered that the United States and its supporters, and at the top of their heads, are planning to launch a new plan every day against the people of the region, and in particular Syria, so that the axis of resistance must remain attentive to their positions and not deny the important issue. Liberation of Occupied Palestine is being marginalized. The resistance front should identify all the conspiracies and fight them hard. Because the first and the last word will now be the axis of resistance

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