Author: A’zam Vosughi

Iran-West strategic struggle over Syria: patience and intelligence, caution and provocation

April 28, 2018 - 10:20

TEHRAN - Given the current situation of the United States and Europe, western countries will not engage themselves into a war which would cost them overburdening expenses. So far, involvement of these countries in conflicts in western Asia has been through proxies and provision of military equipment.

 Following several trips of Mohammad Bin Salman (MBS) who paid the costs of western direct interference by arms deals and investments, the United States, followed by the UK and France, used the missile capabilities to attack Syria.

It is not the first time that the United States attacks Syria under the pretext of alleged chemical attacks. Apparently, Israel and Saudi Arabia are trying to provoke Iran to confront the U.S. and to expand the war to the extent that Iranian military advisors along with Syrian Army and Hezbollah – which have a legitimate presence in Syria – fight against the U.S.

There are two serious problems: First, Western countries are facing internal and economic problems that prevent them from getting into a war for which they cannot avoid domestic criticisms. The second problem which is more important is that their opponent in Syria is patient, alert and smart.

 Neither Iran is Turkey, nor Major General Suleimani is Erdogan who has taken fast and unbalanced actions in Syria. He thinks tactfully and plans decisively and acts timely. Not only him, but also Iranian analysts have a comprehensive and updated understanding of events and backgrounds of the events and analyze the regional events carefully.

 Therefore, the response of Syria, Hezbollah and Iran to the attacks by the U.S. will be smart, precise and proportionate, the time and place of which will be decided by the resistance front and will not provide any excuse to the enemy. Meanwhile, the resistance front will be ready for their possible responses. The U.S., however, is unlikely to react as any attacks could endanger Israel which is in the vicinity of Hezbollah and resistance front.

Of course, with a mad Trump in office, warmonger John Bolton, inexperienced Bin Salman with all his youth domineering character and his petrodollar injection into the United States, Britain and France such an irrational step may be possible.

 If it happened, Iran would still have the upper hand, because of special features of the region and Syria; the future of the region and Syria won’t be decided at the discriminatory tables of the UN, but rather on the battleground and based on realities on the ground. This fact can clearly be seen in the peace process of Syria.

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