Iran to take part in developing Oman NanoCity

October 1, 2018 - 11:28

TEHRAN -- The NanoCity project of Oman will be developed in collaboration with Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council (INIC) over the course of 10 years.

The Oman NanoCity Oman is an industrial park and will be established near the city of Muscat. The NanoCity is a three-phase project. The construction of the first phase will start in April 2019 and will be completed by April 2022. 

The second phase will start in December 2023 and will be completed in December 2026. And the third phase will commence in December 2028 and will be completed by December 2031.

In this city, different companies in various industries will produce goods by using nanotechnology for local and global market.

NanoCity has four industrial zones. It also constitutes hotels, schools, shopping centers, health centers and business offices that will be built in an area of 1 million square meters.

The Advanced Universal Tech LLC signed an agreement with INIC to set up the industrial park. 

Oman NanoCity is the first initiative of its kind, as large scale collaboration between private sectors in Sultanate of Oman and Iran.

The infrastructure cost (phase-1) will be around $300 million to set up 200 nano industries and nine research and development centers. The Oman NanoCity will be built up based on the achievements of INIC.


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