Iranian nation to thwart Trump’s plans: Larijani

November 4, 2018 - 20:5

TEHRAN - Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani said in an open session of the parliament on Sunday that the U.S. has been interfering in Iran’s internal affairs for more than 80 years, however the Iranian nation has always defused conspiracies, the Mehr news agency reported.  

“Yesterday, the great leader of Islamic Revolution referred to three important events whose anniversary falls on this day [13th of Aban], i.e., the Capitulation treaty and the late Imam [Khomeini]’s brave opposition to it, the revolutionary movement of school students and that of university students, all of which are the embodiments of the Iranian nation’s resistance against arrogant deeds of the U.S.,” Larijani stated.

On Nov. 4 (13th of Aban), 1964, SAVAK arrested Imam Khomeini and exiled him to Turkey due to his statement against Capitulation; on the same day in 1978, 56 university students were killed protesting against the shah; and on Nov. 4, 1979, university students captured the “den of spies”, the name for the U.S. embassy in Tehran.

Elaborating on the examples of U.S. interference in Iran, Larijani pointed to the U.S.-designed 1953 coup (28 Mordad coup d’état) against the government of Mohammad Mosaddeq which guaranteed the dictatorship of the Pahlavi dynasty for a few more decades.

Larijani further referred to the establishment of SAVAK, the shah’s repressive security apparatus, with the help of U.S. advisors as well as the CIA and Mossad.

“They plundered Iran’s wealth, especially its oil. In addition, they were in command of Iran’s armed forces for decades.”

He further noted that the shah, not being able to manage the political affairs independently, was entirely dependent on the U.S. “This heavy dependency on America in the military, economic and political affairs, as well as in suppressing the freedom-seekers and creating a repressive atmosphere, had no outcome other than the humiliation of the Iranian nation before other nations, the enslavement of the Iranian society and the retrogression of the whole country.”  

Larijani quoted Imam Khomeini as saying, “Now [after the Capitulation treaty] American military and non-military advisors along with their families and servants are exempt from any crime or offense they commit while the Iranian police cannot arrest them, and Iranian courts cannot convict them.” 

“But the Islamic Revolution suddenly subverted the situation, ousting America and its servants,” the speaker added.

When the U.S. confronted the barrier of the Iranian nation’s resistance and got disappointed, it decided to orchestrate its hostility in a novel manner by trying to disintegrate the country by inciting ethnic uprisings, engineering a coup against the Islamic system, and carrying out terror attacks against many officials, he further noted. 

“However, all of these conspiracies, which happened during the early years after the revolution, were of no avail to America. As a result, America inflamed and supported the war of Saddam against Iran. Yet, other Western countries and the Soviet Union were of assistance to Saddam.” 

Suffering extensive losses and undergoing many difficulties during the war, the Iranian people’s resolve remained intact, Larijani remarked. 

“Now, like Saddam, Donald Trump intends to fight the Iranian people, in particular Iranian children and women, but the people - with the help of Ayatollah Khamenei’s adept and clever leadership - will make Trump succumb just as did Saddam,” Larijani predicted.



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