U.S. no longer superpower, Iran says

November 26, 2018 - 21:10

TEHRAN - Ali Akbar Velayati, a top foreign policy adviser to the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, said on Monday that the U.S. is in a difficult situation and is not a superpower anymore.

“The U.S. is in a very difficult situation and all of its plans, strategies and policies have failed since the start of the 21st century and its grandeur power has collapsed,” he said during a speech at the international forum of the Islamic awakening’s supreme council.

The veteran politician said the U.S. seeks to reach its objectives through weakening and disintegrating the Islamic countries and causing division among them.

He added that the U.S. seeks to fuel division and war in Islamic countries in order to sell its weapons.

However, he said that all the U.S. plans and plots have ended in failure.

Elsewhere, Velayati said that the Palestinian issue is the priority of the Islamic world.

“Palestine, liberation of the noble Quds, and fight against the racist Zionist regime of Israel are the main issue of the world of Islam, the politician remarked. “Evil plans of the hegemonic system, Zionism and Arab reactionaries to marginalize the Palestinian cause will be defeated.” 


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