Sassanid-era structure offers clues about Persian Empire in northeast Iran

November 29, 2018 - 2:5

TEHRAN - Researchers in Iran have discovered vestiges of an ancient structure in northeast Iran, which is attributed to Sassanid era (224 to 651 CE), and news reports suggest it could provide clues to regional architectural heritage of the famed Persian Empire.

Columns decorated with rare plasterwork that may belong to an architectural monument have been identified in Bazeh Hoor, an archaeological site near Mashhad, IRNA reported on Wednesday.

Stucco fragments, which are results of previous unauthorized diggings, have also been found, the report added.

Last year, the site yielded some Sassanid-era potteries during a project conducted by the Archaeology Department of University of Tehran under supervision of the Research Institute of Cultural Heritage & Tourism.

The Sassanid era is of very high importance in the Iranian history, under which Persian art and architecture experienced a general renaissance.


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