Iran to host 2020 FIRA RoboWorld Cup and Congress

March 5, 2019 - 21:56

TEHRAN – Iran’s proposal to host the Federation of International Robot Soccer Association (FIRA) RoboWorld Cup and Congress in 2020 has been accepted, the head of the Iranian FIRA National Committee, Soroush Sadeqnejad, announced, ISNA reported on Monday.

“This will be a great honor for the scientific community of our country. Iran has been selected as the host country for the 2020 FIRA RoboWorld Cup by such technology-advanced member states such as Canada, Japan, UK, Germany, Russia, and South Korea,” he said.

He added that the 2020 FIRA RoboWorld Cup may be held in August 2020 in the Persian Gulf island of Kish, off the southern coast of Iran.

Referring to the Amirkabir International Robotic and Artificial Intelligence Contest (AUTCUP 2019) which was held from March 2 to 4 at Tehran’s Amirkabir University of Technology, he said a total of 302 teams in 28 different leagues in two junior and student sections competed during the event.

Iran received 21 first prizes, 16 second prizes and 15 third prizes in different leagues, he noted.

Teams from Russia, Australia, Taiwan, China, Germany, South Korea, Brazil, Mexico, Italy, Canada, Indonesia, Turkey, Afghanistan, Lithuania and Iran competed at the event.

The contest held leagues on artificial intelligence, FIRA Sport, FIRA Challenge, FIRA Drone, FIRA Youth, and Demonstration.

FIRA is an international organization that arranges competitive soccer competitions between autonomous robots. The robotics competition includes four categories: Sports, Challenge, Drone and Youth Robots.

The event aims to take the spirit of science and technology to the young generation and laymen, promote the development of the autonomous multi-agent robotic system that can cooperate with each other and to contribute to the state-of-the-art technology improvement in this specialized field.


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