Children come to “Meet at the Ark at Eight" in Tehran 

March 10, 2019

TEHRAN – The Mostaqel Theater Troupe by Iranian director Maryam Kazemi will stage the play “Meet at the Ark at Eight” in Tehran’s Honar Hall this week.

The play is based on the debut novel of German writer Ulrich Hub, who has written several plays for children and adults. 

“Meet at the Ark at Eight” has won prizes in Germany, France, Italy and the Netherlands.

The novel has been translated into Persian by Hossein Fadai from the English version translated by Heinar Piller, the founding artistic director of the Grand Theatre Company in London.

The story centers on a pair of penguins who hear that a great flood is coming to destroy the earth, and they are the only two penguins who have been chosen to board Noah’s Ark. They decide, however, to smuggle their friend aboard in a suitcase, and a wild forty-day journey ensues.

Hossein Moheb Ahari, the prolific stage and screen actor who passed away in January after a lengthy battle with lymphoma, had previously been selected to play a role in the play. Asghar Hemmat will fill in for him in the production. 

Actors Ali Forutan, Hamid Goli, Mehrad Zamani and Hassan Hemmati are other members of the cast.

The play will also be onstage during spring. 

Photo: A poster for “Meet at the Ark at Eight" by director Maryam Kazemi.


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