Sensory evaluation laboratory opens in Mashhad

April 24, 2019 - 22:53

TEHRAN – The first sensory evaluation and consumer behavior laboratory in the eastern Iran opened during a ceremony in the city of Mashhad on Tuesday.

Established by the Research Institute of Food Science and Technology, the laboratory meets the demands of industrialists and businessmen for new products, the head of the institute Qadir Rajabzadeh announced.

The laboratory provides tests for reception, costumer focus and dynamic elements relating to time in different fields of taste, texture and color of food products, he explained.

Analysis of food and beverage is a key part of product development and quality control to ensure products safety and conformity.  Sensory analysis (or sensory evaluation) is a scientific discipline that applies principles of experimental design and statistical analysis to the use of human senses (sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing) for the purposes of evaluating consumer products.


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