Iranian director deems “Medea” reverence for women 

May 3, 2019 - 19:40

TEHRAN – Iranian stage director Ali-Asghar Rasekh-rad who staged “Medea” during the 22nd International Iranian Festival of University Theater in Tehran on Friday said that the play shows a certain reverence for mothers and women.

His troupe gave two performances of the play based on a loose adaptation of the ancient Greek tragedy written by Euripides and the version by French dramatist Jean Anouilh.

“Our performance stays away from the common feministic attitudes,” Rasekh-rad told the Persian service of MNA and added, “The play, in fact, inspires deep reverence for mothers and women.”

“In the original story, Medea’s love leads to hatred and revenge due to a great sense of betrayal, but in our version, the betrayal led her to showcase motherly dignity,” he mentioned.

Mandana Abqari, Alireza Dehqan and Minu Bahari are the main members of the cast for the play.

“Nowadays, theater has changed into the art of capitalists,” Rasekh-rad lamented. “People like me who have worked in this field for years no longer are able to stage their favorite plays or to implement their ideas.”

“In my view, directors are theoreticians who should not feel concern for their financial issues,” he noted.    

“Medea” is also scheduled to go on stage at the Qashqai Hall of Tehran’s City Theater Complex on May 10.

Photo: Director Ali-Asghar Rasekh-rad. 


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