By Ramin Hosein Abadian

Saudi coalition violating Stockholm Agreement about Yemen 

May 6, 2019 - 10:51

TEHRAN - Months after Stockholm Agreement about Yemen, Saudi Arabia and its allies including United Arab Emirates (UAE) are still continuing their brutal attacks on defenseless Yemeni civilians. Meanwhile, human rights organizations have warned against the sharp deterioration of Yemen security situation. 

Over several months after reaching an agreement about a ceasefire in Yemeni city of Al Hudaydah, Saudi regimes and its allies have numerously violated the ceasefire. 

However, due to the passivity of United Nations against the ongoing crisis in Yemen, the Saudis have continued committing crimes in the country. 

Saudi Arabia’s coalition started its brutal attack against the defenseless Yemeni citizens in March 2015; over this period, however, UN has not fulfilled any of its organizational, legal and humanitarian duties to defend Yemeni people and have passively observed the Saudi crimes against innocent civilians.  

It seems that UN has decided not to use its authority and jurisdiction to stop the Saudi’s mass murders because the country has powerful allies out of the region.

Now that the Saudis have blatantly broken the ceasefire and has completely abandoned the Stockholm Agreement, the UN still passively observes these violations despite its role as the main defender of human rights around the world. This is especially shocking because Stockholm agreement was ratified in UN Security Council. 

Despite the media blockage in Yemen, the inside reports from Yemen tell of a humanitarian crisis in the country. 

For example, according to the United Nations Children's Fund (Unicef), “while Yemen cant receives humanitarian aid, over 11 million Yemeni children suffer from hunger and under-nutrition. Every 10 minute, a Yemeni child die from a preventable disease.”

Meanwhile, the Saudis have come up with malicious ideas to get out of this crisis. For example, they have deployed thousands of young Africans in Yemeni city of Aden, so that the belligerent occupying forces, specially the UAE, can use these new forces as a replacement for Sudanese mercenaries. 

Despite the aggressive attacks from Saudi Arabia and its allies and the fact that Stockholm Agreement is losing almost all its effects, Yemen defense keeps growing stronger. In past couple of years, Yemen’s defense force has become much stronger and has startled the Saudi and UAE forces. 

A couple of weeks ago, Yemenis unveiled their new domestically-made Badr-F ballistic missile. Unveiling this missile will change the power balance in Yemen; by achieving this great military success, Yemenis have now substantially increased their defense capability against attacks of Saudi Arabia and its allies. 

This military success will definitely change the battle in favor of Yemen. In the past few years of Saudi invasion to Yemen, Yemeni opposition have kept gaining momentum and every day gives a greater surprise to the Saudi forces. 

And now more than ever, unveiling Badr-F ballistic missile can give Yemen a winning edge against the Saudi invasion. 

Yemen made this military advancement while U.S. keeps giving weapons to Saudi’s invading coalition and seemingly has no intention to stop supporting Saudis’ crimes against humanity. 

Finally, it seems normal that the internationally-prohibited weapons, including cluster munitions that are now fired at Yemeni people, are majorly made by U.S. and UK.


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