Crazy Body seeks to help flood-hit families by drama 

May 19, 2019

TEHRAN – Crazy Body, an Iranian theater troupe led by director Yasser Khaseb, implemented a drama therapy project in the flood-stricken regions to keep people’s spirits up.

All members of the troupe covered themselves with mud to perform “Mud Face” in villages across Khuzestan Province, Iran Theater, a Persian website for theater news, announced.

“Concurrent with the performances, relief aids were also dispatched to the regions raising additional hope among the flood-impacted families,” Khaseb said.

“Children and young adults were our main concerns to help boost their spirits,” he added.

The troupe next went to Shiraz in Fars Province and later to the Pol-e Dokhtar in Lorestan Province, which was hit heavily by the floods.

“Mud Face” was also performed in Aq-Qala, a region which was also struck by severe floods in Golestan Province.

The troupe gave its final performance on Sunday by staging the play “Mud” at Fakhreddin As’ad Gorgani Hall in the northern Iranian city of Gorgan.

In “Mud”, Khaseb’s co-performer Hamid Etemedi, in the role of a sculptor, forms Khaseb out of mud. Caked in dirt, Khaseb is poured from a barrel and shaped, and ultimately asserts himself before the artist.

The heavy rainfall in Fars, Golestan, Mazandaran, Lorestan, Khuzestan and several other provinces in western, southwestern and northeastern Iran during March led to severe flooding, which struck and damaged many cities and villages, and left 78 people dead and hundreds displaced and injured.

Photo: Crazy Body performs “Mud Face” in Aq-Qala on May 18, 2019. (Iran Theater)



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