More than 80% of Iran’s dams are full: WRMC

June 2, 2019

TEHRAN - During the nine-month period in Iran’s current hydrological year (Sep. 23, 2018- May 28, 2019), 82 percent of the country’s dams have been filled, 28 percent more last year’s same period, IRNA reported Sunday.

The figure stood at 54 percent during the last water year’s same period, according to the data provided by Iran Water Resources Management Company (WRMC).

According to data, the outflow of the country’s dams has reached over 55.43 billion cubic meters (bcm) while the figure only touched 17.4 billion cubic meters last year.

Currently over 41.15 bcm of water is stored behind the country’s 178 major dams, 53 percent more compared to the last year’s same period. 

The storage was reported to reach 26.91 bcm last year.

The inflow of water into the country’s 178 major dams stood at 71.6 billion cubic meters since the beginning of the current year, which is 277 percent more than last year’s same period.

Last year, the volume of water behind the country’s dams went so down that electricity output from hydropower plants fell to a decade low. 

The current water year, however, kicked off with great amount of rainfalls across the country which even caused some floods in northern and eastern provinces.


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