By Manijeh Rezapoor

Tehran exhibit to take visitors on cultural tour of Nordic countries 

June 16, 2019

TEHRAN – Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland will provide a golden opportunity in Tehran to introduce Nordic culture during an exhibition opening at the Iranian Artists Forum (IAF) on Friday.

A collection of artworks, movies, architectural designs and aspects of the countries’ literature will be showcased at the exhibition named “Traces of the North, Nordic Days in Tehran”, the ambassadors of the countries announced during a press conference on Sunday.

The five-day exhibition will hang photos of natural attractions of Norway and also screen the short movies “Odd Is an Egg” directed by Kristin Ulseth and “The World’s Middlest Fish” by Cathinka Tanberg, Norwegian Ambassador Lars Nordrum said.

“The exhibit consists of 56 photos, which will take visitors on 18 Norwegian scenic routes,” he added.

“The photos show the dramatic variety in Norwegian nature, including snow-covered peaks and mountaintops, deep fjords, northern lights and the midnight sun,” he stated.

Finnish Ambassador Keijo Norvanto on his part explained that his country is participating in the cultural event with a poster exhibition by Finnish graphic designer Erik Bruun. 

Bruun has designed a numerous amount of logotypes, brand guidelines, posters, books, stamps and even Finnish banknotes. His posters, postcards and stamps mainly describe the natural beauty of Finland.

The exhibition will also display a collection of innovative home designs from Finland.

“The exhibition conveys a picture of Finland as a creative modern society looking towards the future. It shows various segments of industry and reflects the way of life in Finland,” the ambassador added.

“Steel Treasury”, a documentary by Iranian filmmaker Dehqan Mohammadi about Finnish sculptor Eila Hiltunen is scheduled to be screened. One of Hiltunen’s sculptures named “Palm Grove” was set up in Tehran’s Mellat Park in 1975.

Veronica Nordlund, the Second Secretary of the Sweden Embassy, also said that her country is attending with a tribute to children’s literature. Swedish author Asa Lind has been invited to deliver a speech at the forum on June 23.

In addition, a Persian translation of the author’s book series “The Sand Wolf” will be introduced during the program.

“Also at the forum, a kid’s corner will be created where children will have the chance to sit and draw and read books while their parents visit the exhibit,” Nordlund added.

“Danish design furniture by famous Danish architects, including Arne Jacobsen and Poul Henningsen will be on view,” Danish Ambassador Danny Annan said.

Two movies by Danish filmmakers have also been selected to be screened, he added.

The films are “The Shamer’s Daughter” directed by Kenneth Kainz and “Big Time” by Kaspar Astrup Schröder.

“Big Time” is a documentary about the high-flying young Danish architect Bjarke Ingels, founder and creative partner of Bjarke Ingels Group, widely known for buildings that defy convention.

Photo: Left to right, Swedish diplomat Veronica Nordlund, Danish Ambassador Danny Annan, IAF director Majid Rajabi-Memar, Norwegian Ambassador Lars Nordrum and Finnish Ambassador Keijo Norvanto attend a press conference in Tehran on June 16, 2019 to brief the media about the “Traces of the North, Nordic Days in Tehran”.


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