Fitilei Uncles member warns of IRIB neglect as BBC Persian launches children’s TV program 

June 23, 2019 - 18:54

TEHRAN – Mohammad Moslemi a member of the Fitilei Uncles, a popular Iranian troupe that performs for children, has warned about Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting’s neglect of children’s programs after BBC Persian Television, the BBC’s Persian language news channel that is officially viewed as an enemy medium in Iran, announced its plan last week to air a special program for children.

“IRIB is at its worst in the production of children’s programs compared to what has been over the past 30 years since I have been working in this field,” Moslemi told the Persian service of MNA on Sunday.

He called the IRIB’s neglect oppression of children and said, “Our children are exposed to fast foods, drug addiction, labor and many other problems, but no one cares about these issues.”

Due to BBC Persian’s one-hour program for children, which started on Saturday, Moslemi said, “We see that others are working on our children and they will then make changes in their ideology, costumes and lifestyle, but no one takes the children seriously here, and not even one percent of IRIB’s TV series is for children.”

He added that IRIB is facing serious financial problems and has asked producers to find sponsors for their programs.   

Moslemi’s soul mates Hamid Goli and Ali Forutan are other members the Fitilei Uncles, which played roles “Fitileh, Jomeh Tatileh”, an IRIB program that was broadcast on Friday mornings during the 2000s.

Due to various constraints, they split from IRIB in 2011 to produce programs for home video network independently.

Majid Qannad was also a member of the troupe, but he separated from the group in December 2010.
The Fitilei Uncles has regularly been seen at charity events. They have given performances for Afghan children in refugee camps in Iran.   

Photo: Fitilei Uncles Ali Forutan (L), Mohammad Moslemi (C) and Hamid Goli pose in an undated photo. 


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