Defense minister: Deterrence power has secured Iran against threats 

October 22, 2019

TEHRAN – In view of Iran’s high deterrence power, no enemy dares to threaten the country, Defense Minister Amir Hatami said on Tuesday while making a visit to naval industries. 

Touching upon the enemies’ failed plan to create a naval coalition against Iran in the Persian Gulf, the brigadier general, said, “We have reached a high deterrence point in the entire aspects of a war so that, thanks to the God, no danger is threatening the country, but, we must promote our security mechanism in maritime sector via making more efforts.”

The defense chief further said, “Movement along technological edge and matching the country’s products with the internationally-accepted standards are the most important indicators of naval products in the Iranian defense ministry.”  

Highlighting the country’s geopolitical status and the importance of free waterways, he said, “Creating naval might in line with promotion of other defense items in aerial, ground and electronic fields enjoys high importance (in Ira’s deterrence doctrine).”

Hatami stressed that specialists and researchers in the defense industry must embark on conducting future feasibility studies to find out future threats and then present required plans to the executive bodies who will in their turn choose the best ways to counter possible threats. 

“Turning sanctions into opportunities via relying on our valuable human resources’ specialty and indigenized knowledge have converted the country’s defense industry into an efficient and advancing industry,” the minister said, adding such path must continue more willfully. 

In relevant remarks last week, Deputy Army Commander for Coordination Affairs Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari underlined the country's steadfast position to maintain its deterrence power, saying that the trans-regional enemies fear Iran's power.

"We are prepared to confront any enemy aggression and our hard power has grown so much that the trans-regional enemies know and fear that if they harm our borders and start a war against Iran, they will not be the terminator of such a war," the admiral said, addressing a forum in Tehran province last Wednesday.

Noting that the Army was standing against all threats, he added, "We never compromise (our) hard power positions and will maintain the deterrence power."      


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