Italy violates Chicago Aviation Convention by banning Mahan Airliner

November 18, 2019 - 20:56

TEHRAN – Italy’s ban on Iran’s Mahan Airliner under the pretext of its regular flights to Syria lacks economic and political logic. It is also a breach of the Chicago Convention on International Civil Aviation.  

As the United States refuses to refrain from doing any action against Iran, this time Mahan Airliner is falling victim to sanctions under the accusation by the West that it transports military equipment and personnel to Middle East war zones. Following such accusations, Italy announced in early November that it will also ban the flights by Mahan.

Italy’s air authority ENAC said in a statement at the time that the ban on Mahan’s flights to Rome and Milan would take effect in mid-December.

It is noteworthy that the White House is still continuing to spread its policy of unilateral illegal sanctions on Iran to other countries. However, some nations, who enjoy independence and view the unilateral nature of the U.S. sanctions on Tehran as illegal, are still resisting Washington’s pressures.  

Unfortunately, some European countries, while acknowledging illegality of the U.S. sanctions, have passively embarked on joining Washington’s sanctions on Iran.
For instance, the Americans, in line with their relentless pressure on Iran’s aviation industry, forced Italy to prevent Mahan Airliner from running flights to Rome and Millan. 

Based on the U.S. demand and an announcement by the Italian media sources, Mahan’s flights to Rome and Milan, after a two-month waiver, will continue till mid-December and then Mahan won’t be allowed to send any flight to the two Italian cities. 

Ban on Mahan’s flights to Rome and Milan testifies that Italy lacks enough independency. Rome’s move can be considered as a message to global public opinion that Italy is passive in face of Washington’s bullying. 

The Western countries could, as a minimum reaction to unilateralism, refuse to comply with Washington’s anti-Iran sanctions to which of course Italy has thus far failed.   

In fact, the Italian officials have acknowledged lack of any legal documents against Mahan. In the meantime, Mahan’s discipline and qualified flights have blocked all pathways to making technical claims against it. 

It is noteworthy that the Italian government and its aviation organization’s submission to the White House and the Department of Treasury regarding sanctions on Mahan will certainly affect Tehran-Rome bilateral ties and will also prove that Rome is a dependent weak player on the international stage. 

Definitely, consequences of the Italian government’s direct play in Donald Trump’s court will not be restricted to its mutual relations with Iran. Other international and regional players are monitoring Italy’s acts and final decisions regarding its obedience or disobedience to Trump’s policies. 


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