“Dirty Hands” director calls on people to always remember lessons of history

November 20, 2019 - 17:55

TEHRAN – Iranian director Masud Musavi who plans to stage Jean-Paul Sartre’s World War II drama “Dirty Hands” in Tehran has asked people to always remember the lessons of history.

He made the remarks during a press conference held at a Tehran café on Tuesday to elaborate on his new project, which will premiere tomorrow at the Qashqai Hall of the City Theater Complex.

“History is always a real eye-opener, therefore I chose this drama, which is about World War II, to say we should always take a look at history,” said Musavi  who staged “October 1942, Paris” about the aftermath of the Nazi occupation of Paris during World War II at the Sayeh Hall of the City Theater Complex in May 2016.

“In this play, you will see an amalgam of the past and present in all its details, from the design to acting and use of accessories and costume design, and I hope the audience can connect with the director’s outlook,” he added.

Earlier in July 2012, Qashqai Hall hosted Musavi and his troupe in performing “Welcome to the Global Village, Pinocchio” about the difficulties facing contemporary man.

Cast member Nasser Aqai who was in attendance at the press conference said, “I have known Masud Musavi for some years and I’m also familiar with his works; social issues are always his main concerns and he has always been successful.”

“Engagement with Sartre needs some courage. Staging Sartre’s works is a difficult job, but I’m sure Masud Musavi has focused on Sartre and intends to continue this path, and I hope he will give a good performance,” he noted.   

Shahab Mehraban, Hamidreza NaeimiReyhaneh Salamat, Mohsen Babai, Ariaz Zoldaqari, Mehdi Baqerzadeh and Musavi himself are other members of the cast.

“Dirty Hands” is a political drama set in the fictional country of Illyria between 1943 and 1945. The story is about the assassination of a leading politician. It is told mainly in the form of a flashback, with the killer describing how he carried out his mission.

Photo: “October 1942, Paris”, City Theater Complex, Tehran. (File photo)


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