‘Leader defends system by supporting petrol subsidy reform plan’

November 24, 2019 - 16:49

TEHRAN – The deputy chief of the Islamic Development Coordinating Council said on Sunday that support for the petrol subsidy reform plan by the Leader of the Islamic Revolution was in fact a support for the Islamic Republic system.

“His support was defending the system, not just defending branches of the government and an approval,” Nosratollah Lotfi said, according to ISNA.

The Supreme Economic Coordination Council, which its decisions are approved by the president, parliament speaker and judiciary chief, decided to increase petrol prices after many deliberations, including consultations with economic experts. The petrol subsidy reform plan went into force on November 15. The decision was endorsed by the Leader.

Based on the plan, every car owner is authorized to buy 60 liters of gasoline per month at a price of 1,500 tomans (35 cents). Any amount beyond that is sold at 3,000 tomans. 

The price is based on the official rate of 4,200 tomans for each dollar. In the free market, the dollar is currently around 11,000 tomans.

The proceeds from increase in petrol prices are being paid to 60 million citizens, who account for 60 million of the Iranian population.
Speaking to his theology students on November 17, the Leader supported decision to ration gasoline and increase it price.

Ayatollah Khamenei said he has previously announced that since he’s not an expert on the issue, he would support any decision made by heads of the three branches of government and the experts.

He voiced sympathy with people who feel the decision would harm them economically, but condemned any act of sabotage that was carried out by some hooligans and supported by Iran’s enemies.

In his remarks, he urged the authorities to take good care of the affected people and assuage the hardship caused by the move.

He also called on the people to take note of the enemies’ plots to disrupt national security and take a separate path from the rioters who try to foment insecurity in the country.

The Leader quoted officials as saying that they would not allow rise in gasoline price lead to an increase in price of other commodities.

Protests were sparked in some cities in Iran against increasing gasoline price. In certain cases, the protests turned violent as some rioters attacked security forces with knives and guns. 

Ayatollah Khamenei said late on Tuesday that the Iranians have repelled the enemy in various military, political and security arenas.

“Both friends and foes should know that we have repelled the enemy in military, political and security issues,” the Leader stated.

“The recent actions were security issues, not from the people. We have repelled the enemy in various areas, and by the God’s grace, we will also definitely repel the enemy in the economic war,” Ayatollah Khamenei remarked.


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