Iranian director to raise “The Unburied Dead” in Tehran

December 4, 2019

TEHRAN – Iranian director Sina Rastgu plans to stage French philosopher and playwright Jean-Paul Sartre’s “The Unburied Dead” (“Les Morts Sans Sépulture”) at a Tehran theater.

The director has renamed the play “The Small Symphony of Silence” to perform it in Iran.

The 1946 play is about five resistance fighters during the World War II in France, who are taken prisoners by the Nazis and locked in an attic. One after the other, they are taken away, interrogated, tortured and then taken back to the room.

Unexpectedly, the leader of their group is also arrested and taken to the attic but as the Nazis are unaware of his true identity, he is likely to be released soon.

Now, the five other prisoners are facing the temptation to reveal the true identity of this man to obtain their release. All, however, refuse to do so, except for the youngest, terrified by the prospect of being tortured and executed. So the leader kills him to prevent him from speaking.

Rastgu’s troupe is rehearsing the play, which will be staged in the near future.

Photo: Iranian stage director Sina Rastgu in an undated photo.


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