Initiative brings taste of Yalda to embassies

December 22, 2019 - 1:0

TEHRAN – Some foreign envoys and diplomats got stunned on Saturday evening when they unexpectedly received a taste of Yalda, sharing the joy of ancient festivity with millions of Iranians.

In an interesting cultural initiative, district 6 of Tehran Municipality brought them a small trolley carrying main elements of the feast, including a Divan of Hafez, fresh fruits such as watermelon, pomegranates and colorful Ajil (a mixture of dry fruits, seeds, and nuts) in floral bowls. Embassies of Bangladesh and Estonia were reportedly amongst ones that Yalda knocked their doors in honor of the longest night!

Yalda is celebrated on the last evening of autumn that falls on December 21 this year. It’s a time for pleasant family reunions that entails laughter, merriment, and good cheer. Hearts move closer to one another in the company of loved ones on Yalda.

Iran seeks to register the ancient festivity of “Yalda” on UNESCO’s list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2021. According to UNESCO, Yadla ceremonies, in a best way, point to cultural diversity and human creativity, especially when one considers the wide range of the communities that celebrate it.


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