By Martin Love

Let the ICC do what it alleges it will

December 29, 2019 - 12:10

NORTH CAROLINA - The sole country that truly is a threat to peace in the Middle East, as the world ought to realize by now, is Israel. The only country in the Middle East that might benefit in ANY way from another war is Israel, in part because it seems to thrive on warfare. War or the threat of it, in the Zionist mentality, permits maintenance of its territorial expansions and human rights crimes against the Palestinians and war crimes against others (given the de facto backing by Israel’s benefactor, the U.S., and the Trump Administration).

It certainly seems, at least, that as much as the Zionists would like to start another war, especially on Iran and its allies, that there is no other polity in the Middle East that stands to benefit in any way from further war in the region, and of course, it is marginally questionable whether Israel itself would benefit, especially if it did not have American participation, and there is at least a small chance that it might not for a variety of both domestic and foreign policy reasons in the U.S. Trump and minions, despite the bluster, may well realize they don’t have the assent of the American people.

Take American “allies” in the region: there is only one other U.S ally with any serious clout, and that is Saudi Arabia. The Saudis well know, given the still somewhat mysterious attack on oil facilities in the Eastern Province this past autumn, that their entire oil infrastructure could be wiped out by a cluster of missiles and drones. The reduction of that oil infrastructure could well foment revolution against the Saudis inside Arabia. Are they willing to risk any approval of the Zionists, and especially their own participation, in a big regional war led by Israel? When push comes to shove, this is unlikely. And the same goes for the U.A.E. They are all too vulnerable. 

The Israelis, on Christmas Day no less, heard Israeli chief of staff Aviv Kochavi claim that Israel cannot permit Iran to have a military presence in Iraq, and that Iran has been transferring “advanced weapons” there monthly. (Whether this latter charge is true a layman cannot know.) Kochavi threatens to “target everything that helps in combat operations” against Israel anywhere in the Middle East, and particularly in Syria and Lebanon and Iraq, presuming there is a response anywhere against the Israelis. But of course, this makes no sense because it is and long has been entirely UNLIKELY that any country in the Middle East is going to start a war, beginning with offensive operations, against Israel. This latter assumption is just common sense: Israel is a nuclear power and also has by far the strongest conventional military assets in the Mideast. Even if most of the Arab countries in the Middle East could welcome the eradication of Israel, if not as a sovereign state, at least as a state AS IT HAS BEEN for decades, most would consider an offensive attack on Israel AS IT IS more or less suicidal. IF a regional war develops, it won’t have been initiated anywhere but Israel. Again, this looks like common sense.

The danger, obviously, is a “mistake” of some sort by Iran or by Iran’s allies or proxies that literally gives the Zionists (what they consider) a casus bello to initiate a war. So far, it seems, this has not occurred. Does Iran stationing forces or other military assets in Iraq or Syria constitute such a “mistake”, or something that the Zionists can further seize upon to justify offensive operations? It’s hard to say at this point.

Any sensible mind has to imagine that whatever Iran does (or has done to date), it must merely constitute only a threat of retaliation that might convince the Israelis NOT to initiate a regional war. Put another way, Israel is NOT threatened in fact UNLESS it initiates or starts a war. Why is it, it must be asked, don’t the Zionists realize this and simply relax? They could. They could simply stop the threats and aggressions and enjoy what prosperity they have long enjoyed under the umbrella of American support, which is NOT likely to go away significantly unless people wiser than most in the U.S. government now somehow manage to win in upcoming elections. People like, say, Bernie Sanders, a Jew no less.

It may be the case, as already said, that the Zionists are just flat insane with a lust for war, which has marked Israel’s entire history. That they think the country literally thrives on war. In some respects it has thrived, but only to the extent that it has not suffered from it substantially economically or materially given the American backstops – except in the court of world opinion. But if they are insane, and there is good reason to suspect they may be, is this not alone a reason, in time, to imagine a future where Israel will increasingly be shunned and reviled and maybe even disempowered, where even many Israelis and Jews generally realize that militant Zionism is a mistake for all Jews?

Take the International Criminal Court’s alleged and determination to begin to prosecute Israel for war crimes, or at least Israelis who have led war crimes in Gaza and the West Bank, the Golan and elsewhere. Even if Israel claims the Hague-based ICC has no jurisdiction over Israel, prosecution could still result in a situation where international arrest warrants against Israeli leaders like Netanyahu and many others could prevent them from traveling overseas! This alone, if it ever occurred, would likely be very effective in shifting world opinion even more against Israeli aggressions and apartheid conditions. Imagine, for example, people like Netanyahu can go nowhere except maybe Washington, and even if they go to Washington, they do so under a dark cloud.

In any event, it behooves Iran, especially given this new development with the ICC, to be extremely careful to avoid actions and moves that even if they are solely defensive, they don’t give the appearance of aggression that can be seized upon by the warmongers. Maybe it would be smart to pull back some in Iraq or wherever Iran or proxies may be establishing defenses outside Iran? And letting the world know in no uncertain terms that Iran’s primary objective in the Middle East is peace and the obviation of the vile sanctions that have hurt Iran’s economy.

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