By Martin Love

Iran’s one strike may have changed Mideast forever

January 24, 2020 - 12:42

NORTH CAROLINA - The JCPOA certainly seems to be comatose and dying. Don’t blame Iran. Blame the U.S. first and then the E-3: Germany, France and the U.K. Can it be stated more plainly? No.

One should have no problem with Iran’s reactions to shoddy treatment except that this is exactly what Sheldon Adelson, the casino magnate billionaire who has literally bought Trump and his gangsters and much of the Republican Party, has wanted, along with Netanyahu and the rest of the Zionists: that the JCPOA die and even that Iran might withdraw from the NPT and at least superficially, if not, in fact, seem to be pursuing nuclear weapons.

(On the other hand, it’s not nuclear weapons that probably invokes the ire of the bloody Western “establishment” (led by the U.S.) so much as it is the fact that Iran has mastered the technology of nuclear energy and how to obtain its fuel from raw uranium.)

 But why did they, the Trump gang and supporters, want this – the demise of the JCPOA? This is the haunting question because the desire never made sense.  How much easier it is, though, to attack independent Iran if, falsely or not, propaganda can be blasted that claims the Islamic Republic is, finally, aiming to build a nuclear weapon given the sanctions it has sustained in the past year and a half plus and the slow demise of the JCPOA and lately Soleimani’s criminal assassination?

And it is not only Adelson or others of his ilk, but many more in Washington, and it’s no surprise they are almost all Zionists -- a people without honor but lots of lucre, the latter which Trump respects above all else. Trump, who has been impeached and is facing some sort of contrived “trial” in the U.S. GOP controlled Senate which will more than likely result in acquittal.

Still, Trump is only the third President who has ever been impeached by the U.S. House of Representatives. He will have that stain forever and it is ugly. But impeached for what? Illegally withholding several hundred million dollars he was by law obliged to ship to Ukraine in his attempt to try to get dirt on political opponents like former VP Joe Biden.

If the U.S. were a “normal” country (to use a Pompeo adjective who claims that Iran is not “a normal country”) and not one that since World War 2 has killed an estimated 25,000,000 people around the world in its self-adopted role as hegemon, Trump would be up for impeachment for a lot more than manipulated funds. He’d be impeached for the cold-blooded murder of Soleimani and his companions, for one thing.

Soleimani, a hero across much of the Middle East for keeping the best part of the Mideast from falling to the ISIS goon-ocracy operatives, whom the U.S. mostly trained and funded with help from Persian Gulf Arabs and the Zionists and whom they also merely pretended to want to eradicate. How can it be clearer?

U.S. foreign policy has had one dominant aim at bottom during this century, and that aim has been too successful far too often: to sow and to create chaos and disorder everywhere it can to benefit the U.S. military industrial complex in perennial warfare for hegemony and the Zionist goons, who are every bit as useless and criminal as ISIS ever has been. It has not been a War on Terror but a war OF terror on those who disagree with the U.S. or just want to be left alone to prosper.

Moreover, and this has not been said often if at all: Aside from lucre, whatever inspired legions of men, mostly young and Arab but some Europeans and some Americans, too, ever to sign up for ISIS? (These males are, after all, mostly “losers” without prospects and far from being anything identifiable as “Muslim”, they are no better than the “settlers” in the West Bank who also are “losers” who have been inspired by greed and crude, murderous incentives.) One easily could argue that for the ISIS horde, one big incentive has been that they can rape, literally rape, women and enslave them and murder their families and loved ones as they please, with impunity. Or just kill for the perverse pleasure of it, the same pleasure a bragging Trump apparently felt when he ordered Soleimani’s murder, or that Obama felt when he expanded cowardly drone strikes all over the Mideast a decade ago.

If all of the above sounds too grim, there is better news.

  •     Even if an Iranian pushed the button that sent two rockets into the civil airliner near Tehran, subterfuge by the U.S. or the CIA that forced this result has not been ruled out and may not be – ever. The fog of war is dense indeed.
  •    Iran’s precision strike on the U.S. airbase in western Iraq was a sublimely precise and masterful warning shot and retaliation for the murder of Soleimani and his comrades. And there was NO evident defense. This is a humiliation for the U.S. and allies. If the Saudis or the U.A.E. leaders have any sense, they now know that at the least their infrastructure of any kind can be wiped out. And the Israelis? They ought to realize that Dimona, just to name one site, can be destroyed if enough missiles are directed to it.

The Middle East will never be the same again because of what Iran has proven. That it has real, serious, defensive tools to help deter attack, and has had some 40 years to develop and refine those tools. The leaders of the Islamic Republic have been patient and thoughtful, but they have been let down by cowards: not just cowardly Trump in murdering Soleimani, but the cowardly leaders of France, the U.K. and Germany, too, given their failure to ensure that Iran reaped some benefit by staying in the JCPOA, which now even Iran may abandon for real. 


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