By Diego Vida

Coronavirus pandemic shows just another business scam worldwide

March 1, 2020 - 15:16

ITALY, Rome - The name of Coronavirus was born last century to classify in Asia the breathing disease as the Pneumonia as well. Since 150 years ago the Pneumonia was almost impossible to cure because the antibiotic didn't exist yet. After a century with the production of antibiotics, it finally became possible to cure Pneumonia.

 Nowadays this illness hit many people for reasons such as pollution, smoke, virus, flu, cold, bronchitis, and the patients affected by terminal diseases like COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, a second lethal terminal disease forcing patients to use oxygen therapy till they die), cancer, Leukemia and several immune deficiency like Asma either. 

According to a diagnosis, Pneumonia needs the following therapy; on the first two weeks the antibiotics do their job over and over together the Aereosol as other medicines properly injected to erase this acute stadium after that a patient begins to feel better himself but still in danger to get once again the disease then for other 2 weeks there is a convalescence, so in one month it is possible to get fine completely though on the first weeks the patient will breath feeling weak just recovering totally in two weeks more.

 Unfortunately for a chronicle ill and the all terminal ills a complete recovery takes months but in some cases, they die during the therapy. Pneumonia or Coronavirus is an obstructive pulmonary disease, so in rare cases it is possible to die but it is still possible to get cured too.
 Certainly not providing in time to do a proper therapy just increase the chances to risk to die but this last case is referred to some people affected by terminal ills or in the elderly or those people that didn't pay attention to treatment since the appearance of the disease.

 A simple cough can become bronchitis and later a strong Pneumonia, so it is recommended to use antibiotics and also the Aerosol this one a good solution to prevent it either. In fact, all the healthy people should periodically take some days making the Aereosol treatment because this therapy help to free the lungs from the bad air making them run much more better than before.

 The Aereosol device is composed by a mask, cable, filter and the electric engine; it takes 15 minutes of treatment 2/3 times a day for a week usually administering some cortisone medicines and with the antibiotic for patients affected by the breathing disease. The cortisone medicines like spray, injections, drops, powder, capsule and so on are the right way to help the lungs to breathe well.

 The level of oxygen present in the human body must be 95% - 99% of saturation valors, under 95% it's an alarm of the breathing disease, to calculate these valors there is a little device called Oxymeter to measuring the oxygen saturation to check the pulmonary lung functions or how well the lungs are working. The spirometry is a simple breathing test to check eventually an obstruction occurred, and the patient use this device managed by the doctor Pneumologist in order to puff inside a cable to get the valors of the lung power.

Another exam test but much more invasive is the arterial hemogasanalysis sample, albeit painful but necessary to get the real oxygen valors of the human body. Till this moment the right doctor in charge to cure this breathing disease is always the Pneumologist that strangely wasn't involved in the Covid virus either interviewed on TV, so we should ask why?

Basically the world is owned by the Anglo Zionists. These lords of wars rule the countries with their imperial terrorism against the entire human civilization. Because China is getting powerful, being a country without any economic crisis and extending their business around the world scaring the Anglo American countries to lose their geopolitical influence, now all the corrupt media are scaring the people with this fantastic story of a pandemic disease like Coronavirus while in reality it's a simple breathing illness eventually degenerate in Pneumonia any case possible to cure and no need surely of any vaccination, because it is already exist named Pneumococcal vaccination, so all the governments are lying.

In Italy, this show is going ahead isolating some cities in north by using the army and closing the public facilities and privates imposing the citizens to do not go at work and staying at home wearing masks and we should ask why? the media are saying to avoid to go to a hospital if there is a Covid risk, so we should ask how each citizen would recognize the Coronavirus not going at a hospital? also in every hospital, there is a section specialized in infectious diseases usually full of patient ills of Pneumonia, but suddenly it is not possible to get access to this department anymore, then we should ask why? in the same hospital doctors, paramedics, nurses, cleaners never use mask protections putting in danger the patients and themselves, the governance doesn't impose to them to use any protection, so we should ask why? every year it comes the period of the flu while people contaminate each other in public places no one uses the mask and of course the government never imposes to use it, and never isolate the cities with the army, so we should ask why? Right now the African illegal immigrants keep coming in Italy how come if there is a red alert of Coronavirus these fake refugees arrive in our coast, we should ask why? anyway, the Anglo American pharmaceutical companies sell billions of medicines in both cases, so they are interested in spreading any virus out of nothing. All the business incomes gold, oil, food, water, weapons, medicines are increasing for these criminal leaders but not for the citizens, we should ask why? By the way, at moment all the important media most of them owned by Jewish families in Italy are blaming Iran to be the second country for Coronavirus death but strangely they are not talking about Mr. Giovanni Ripamonti, an Italian professional ski champion - coach died yesterday in Iran in the Shemshak mounts because an avalanche though the Iranian rescue team immediately intervened saving the son of this Italian pro skier unfortunately for him the impact was truly strong, so I feel disgusted about some Italian and European media not mentioning this man member of the important Italian ski federation all in all because the Coronavirus scam is much more important for their business rather a countryman death, so may God bless Giovanni finding the peace he deserves.

Hoping in a Coronavirus outbreak scam to be a short period of madness to cease really soon without becoming the excuse to begin the world war 3, I tell to the all people to don't believe in such terror story because there is no any risk actually,  just like in a common flu it need to observe the things listed above to prevent any sort of degeneration.


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