“I Killed Bin Laden” published in English 

March 1, 2020 - 18:32

TEHRAN – Persian writer Mehdi Rezai’s novel “I Killed Bin Laden: The Wildest Dance of the History” has been published in English.

Supreme Century, a major international publishing company located in the Reseda neighborhood in Los Angeles, is the publisher of the book translated into English by Mandana Kia.

The Persian version of the book was published by Aradman Publications in Iran.  

The novel is the story of one of the UN’s commandos who uncovers corruption in the UN bureaucracy, and the issue propels him to kill one of the UN’s commanders and then escape. While he is fleeing, he is recruited by a private military team whose objective is achieving global peace, but meanwhile, it engages in activities to gain income for their operations. 

The commando’s cooperation with the private team continues until they also have operations in Iran and Saudi Arabia. In the end the team plans an operation for killing Bin Laden in Pakistan in order to prevent more massacres in the world and to thwart any attempt by American military forces to slay him.

Photo: Front cover of the English version of Persian writer Mehdi Rezai’s novel “I killed Bin Laden: The Wildest Dance of the History”. 


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