I hope coronavirus outbreak takes downward trend with people's continued cooperation: Rouhani

March 19, 2020 - 16:1

TEHRAN- Speaking at the meeting of the heads of the Executive, Judicial and Legislative branches with the heads of main committees of the National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus, President appreciated people for observing health protocols and recommendations, especially staying home, adding, "I hope that coronavirus outbreak takes a downward trend with people's continued cooperation".

During the session that was held on Thursday, President Hassan Rouhani referred to the report by the Minister of Roads and Urban Development about the decreasing trend of travel, saying, "I hope people heed these recommendations more seriously".

The President added, "As the health officials have said, if this trend continues, we can hope that the spread of the disease will come close to the descending trend".

With reference to the discussions on crowded centres in different provinces,  Rouhani also assigned the Minister of Interior to examine populated centres in the target provinces with the help of governor-generals, and in addition to close down shopping malls until April 3, with the exception of essential centres including drug distribution centres, food and other daily needs of the people".

The President also emphasised following the recommendations of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education, addressing the Ministry, "The Ministry of Health should implement special health protocols for all activities of the people, including businesses and manufacturing centres that must be active".

Rouhani also referred to actions taken by the Economic Committee of the National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus, saying, "Economic policies and programmes have been implemented in two areas to support businesses affected by coronavirus and support livelihoods of affected families".

"Regarding damaged businesses, a three-month break for paying bank installments, social security and tax, as well as a three-month halt on penalties for returned checks has been predicted," said the President.

The president added, "Also, some decisions have been made and put in place to support and help the less-privileged classes to help them return to normal conditions".

Rouhani said, "There have also good decisions been made to provide support packages to families and households who have been affected largely by lack of fixed payment or certain jobs relying on the times of Nowruz for their businesses."

The President further emphasised the need to pay attention to education, culture and information on the prevention of coronavirus, saying, "All institutions are required to provide training and information on compliance with health protocols and measures to combat COVID-19".

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