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white hat link building

April 15, 2020 - 13:51

Getting backlink is one of the most critical aspects of optimizing any website for search engine ranking.

Search engines like google depend on the number of outbound and inbound link from a website among other factors such as page loading speed, mobile responsiveness and so on to rank websites hierarchically on the search engine results' page, depends on to be delivered by best SEO Melbourne.

Link building is a touch of authority and quality of websites to search engines. When webmasters link to other contents from their contents to other contents either on their websites or to other websites, they are invariably telling search engines and users that the linked content can offer them more help if they wish to read more on the topic.

As such, search engines take backlinks as a touch of the authority of content and the more links a content has back from other websites, the more authoritative and complete they will appear to search engines which would boost their placement on search engines.

What is white hat link building?

Just as there are different hats when it comes to SEO strategy, there are also different strategies for building links. Like the SEO strategies, some link building strategies are healthy and will improve your website ranking while some are outrightly damaging and could get your website de-ranked or blacklisted by search engines.

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White hat link building is the name given to all link building strategies that are healthy, recommended by search engines and can help improve the health of your website. This type of link building methods is often used by most digital marketing agencies to help improve the ranking of clients’ websites.

Linking building methods that are harmful and can damage your website reputations are called black hat link building. While this type of link building method can increase your website for a time, the result is often short-lived, and it will only be a matter of time before the site gets clamped down by google.

The significant difference between white hat and black hat link building is value. While white hat adds value to web content by linking it to richer content on the web, thereby improving users' experience, black hat, on the other hand, does not add any value to the content and does not improve users' experience. Black hat is all about linking to just about any content for the sake of multiple backlinks.

Search engines frown on black hat link building. Google's release of the Penguin algorithm in 2012 and a later update in 2014, ensure that websites engaged in manipulative link building do not last long on its indexes.

White hat link building involves many strategies. The strategies often include looking for recent mentions and getting links, 404-page reclamation, in-website content linking, social media profile linking, blogger outreach, guest posting, and so on.

White hat link building can be easily overwhelming and often requires acquiring and mastering new keyword research tools. As such, you may want to look for an SEO consultant to find the right strategies for your website and then implement these strategies for you to bolster your website ranking.

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