By Ali A. Jenabzadeh Tehran Times editor-in-chief

We are the lucky ones ....

May 4, 2020 - 16:42

I started my adventure with Tehran Times international daily just a couple of days ago. Despite being short, it's been amazing to feel what many significant figures have felt in here just the way I'm feeling it right now. Every single moment in here feels different.

Every single day is surprising in its own way. Every new paper we publish here is like a birthday present for us that we are lucky to unwrap. Every man and woman must be happy for being here as part of this great adventure, but amongst all, I feel the most fortunate. Not only because I'm part of what once a great man established, but also because I get to celebrate its 41st birthday right after I stepped in the office.

Tehran Times created to be the perfect tribune for the voiceless. This voice echoes the pain of the poor against the arrogance of the rich. In doing so, we try to project pictures from every corner of the world, which are neglected by mainstream media. We amplify the sound of the suffering of those whose bones are being crushed under the pressure of different inhumane and non-divine schools and worldviews. And we shake the hands of anyone who thinks and feels the same. So may God be with us.

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