By Mehdi Mohammadi

Others come and leave…

May 4, 2020 - 18:2

In Today’s information-era we live in a “world of media” which is constantly changing and has now become one of the main components of people's lives.

These days, the media is no longer just for journalists and reporters; now every smartphone and every person acts as a media entity. Currently, the media has taken an interactive form. It is a time when comments and reactions to any event draw more attraction than the event itself and an ordinary citizen can make hold officials accountable by a photo or video.

In such a world, writing about note-taking seems to date back to the last century, though it was common only five or ten years ago. People today are accustomed to short Twitter analyses, which are forgotten and denied at the same speed that they circulated. 

The digital world, which is developing extremely rapidly, seems to have left no room for thinking and derived people from this opportunity. The days of thinking are over, instead, the desire for writing at the moment, getting likes, and going live has emerged.

Comparing the role of media at present and the past makes me to more miss those days that we used to put words next to each other without thinking about likes and instant feedback. We read and rewrote each note several times, and developed it with the experience of the editor and chief editor.  It was a world that contents, after being typed and printed, could not be deleted just by pushing a button.

But beyond all that I said, these days of transition remind us of the true value of the media. Printed newspapers may not be able to compete with social media in terms of the speed of "news" publishing, but they are still the best reference for presenting interpretations, analyzes, and notes within which there is thinking.

At the 40th anniversary if a newspaper, in which I once had the honor of writing, I consider Tehran Times as an example and a very suitable model for the manifestation of this style of media work. If the paper keeps up with its path, it will undoubtedly have a greater impact than any other Iranian media in the world. 

After all these years, with all the changes that the media has undergone, recalling the good memories of our late colleague and lovable reporter in the Tehran Times, Hamid Golpira, I address my former colleagues and current friends in the publication that being among the professional, right, and the best newspaper for forty years indicate the quote that “others come and leave, but It is you that stay”.

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