Birthday of Iranian-Turkmen poet Makhtum-Qoli Faraghi celebrated

May 27, 2020 - 18:28

TEHRAN – The 287th birth anniversary of the Iranian-Turkmen poet Makhtum-Qoli Faraghi (Magtymguly Pyragy, 1733-1790) was celebrated in a seminar aired on the IRIB channel of Golestan Province on Wednesday. 

Makhtum-Qoli is considered to be the founder of authentic Turkmen literature by the people who speak the language.  

The mausoleum of the poet is located in Aq-Tuqai village in Iran’s northern province of Golestan. 

The ceremony was attended by Golestan officials and a number of Turkmen poets, while the message of the Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance Seyyed Abbas Salehi was read at the ceremony. 

“Iran has long been the cradle of culture, poetry and literature. Every corner of this land is decorated with shining gems that have not been restricted in their homeland and have found national and international fame with their works, words and behavior,” Salehi said in his message.

“Makhtum-Qoli Faraghi, the prominent poet of the everlasting green land of Golestan, is one of the great men who is famous in the world of poetry and literature,” he added

“He is from among the people and lived among them and composed his poetry about the pains and concerns of the people of his time. His deep religious beliefs and his love towards Prophet Muhammad (S) bestowed a deep meaning to his poetry,” he noted.

“He was not the only poet of the Turkmen. His morals, strong beliefs in religion and his love for people made him a famous poet and a shining star in the sky of culture that bestows light upon those seeking the truth. He is known as one of the pioneers of poetry with moral themes,” he mentioned.

“Paying tribute to this Turkmen poet is honoring humanity and human moral virtues. The concepts and themes hidden in the poetry of Makhtum-Qoli have turned his works into a treasure full of moral virtues,” he said.
“I hereby express my sincere regards toward the brave and friendly Turkmen people and those who hold a commemorational ceremony for this great poet,” he concluded.

Photo: This file photo shows people gathering at the mausoleum of Makhtum-Qoli Faraghi in Aq-Tuqai village in Iran’s Golestan Province to celebrate the birthday of the poet. 


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