Mexican magazine Central spotlights health workers with cartoon by Alireza Pakdel 

June 1, 2020 - 18:24

TEHRAN – Central, a magazine on art, entertainment and health based in Mexico City, has spotlighted the medical workers on the front line of the campaign against COVID-19 by publishing a cartoon by Iranian artist Alireza Pakdel on the front cover of its June-July edition.

The cartoon portrays the value of the work done by the medical staff in confronting the new virus pandemic.

“The medical, nursing and other related personnel fight daily in conditions and shifts that take them to the limit, exposing their own health and that of their families. Great health heroes who are undoubtedly a great pride and the best that Mexico has right now,” the magazine wrote beneath the cartoon. 

Cartoonist Pakdel has created his new collection to heal the mental wounds inflicted by the coronavirus epidemic in the country.

He has been active during the coronavirus outbreak and the collection has been highly praised on Iranian and international social media. 

“Social, political and cultural concerns of the cartoonists help them form a strong, enduring relation with society since the artists are born from within the heart of the society and are familiar with the current situation of the country,” Pakdel earlier said.

“The artists can remind the society of its ultimate condition through their art, by criticizing, enlightening and clarifying,” he said.

He added that he decided to produce artworks giving hope and good feelings to people in the current situation that people are dealing with due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“The world is battling the fears of COVID-19 and the loss and damages are almost the same throughout the world. I thought I would produce works to give hope and express thanks to the medical staff, and to help reduce the fear and anxiety, which have been overwhelming in the society,” he explained.

He added that he would continue producing cartoons these days because they have been hailed the world over, and have also been seen on social media and the media of many countries including Spain, Italy, Brazil, China, Russia and Colombia. 

“I have received many kind messages from the viewers giving me more energy and motivation to continue,” he concluded.

Photo: Front cover of the Mexican magazine Central features a cartoon by Iranian artist Alireza Pakdel.


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