Addiction recovery center for girls opened with 20 persons capacity

June 26, 2020 - 1:22

TEHRAN – The first residential-educational center in the country for protecting adolescent girls who have recovered from addictions or lived in families with addicted parents was inaugurated on Wednesday.

“When I start competing in martial arts, I feel like the opponent is all the problems and misfortunes of my life. I confront her in such a way that I finally come out victorious. My opponent never knows that I looked at her as a problem and during this time I learned to fight my problems. I kind of knock her out so she never forgets,” a girl recovered from addiction said.

Akbar Rajabi, the director of the Toloo Bi-Nashan Association which has set up the center, said: “Now our girls have a black and brown karate belt and are trying for high-ranking.”

“We introduced this program with the hashtag "My daughter, God's smile" among the people, so that the support for girls, especially the vulnerable ones, stick to their minds.”

“Girls are dear and we must protect them against harm. That's why we did our best to make it look like a house of their own. With the same warmth, comfort, and security.

Yellow and blue curtains, colorful furniture, and wallpaper all reflect the tastes of a group of girls who are now more comfortable with their new home to keep going.”

On the table at the entrance to the House of Angels, there are paintings and the championship certificate of girls who were once addicted or damaged.

House of 20 angels

The center has the capacity for about 20 people, and the necessary permits have been obtained from the Welfare Organization.

Currently, 15 girls aged 8 to 18 live in the center; they study, learn languages, take up sports, and strive to have a better future.

Niloufar Khansari, the center’s director, said that the girls at the center share a common pain which is addiction. They are often born into families with either a parent or both addicted. While some girls have experienced a period of drug use through living in such conditions, now all of them have quit and considered a different path for their future.

In the Iranian calendar year 1394 (March 2015- March 2016), Mehr House, where addicted women stayed to recover and quit drug addiction, was established, she said, adding, then the number of girls gradually increased.

Then we decided to expand the center, and finally, the House of Angels was inaugurated, she added.

A sum of 5 billion rials (nearly $120,000 at an official rate of 42,000 rials) has been spent on the construction of the center, which has been paid by the benefactors and philanthropists.

She further said that we have different plans with the girls. Some of them are interested in cooking and cannot wait to cook cakes and pastries in the kitchen’s oven.

The work is supposed to be divided among the children and they will be involved in maintaining the peace and security of the home, she concluded.

Social indicators for girls improving

Masoumeh Ebtekar, the vice president for women’s and family affairs, has said statistics show that the situation of girls in Iranian society is improving in different areas, including health and education.

“Supporting girls who have dropped out of school is another plan that has been implemented in 17 provinces across the country, 11,000 girl students trained to be familiarized with civic activities to promote social participation, regional exhibitions to introduce the artistic activities of female students have been held.

The Law on the Protection of Children and Adolescents approved, a bill banning child marriage girls under the age of 13 will soon be approved,” Ebtekar stated.


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