Tehran Refinery to go through annual overhaul next week

June 30, 2020 - 14:56

TEHRAN – Tehran Refinery’s annual overhaul program, which was postponed due to the outbreak of coronavirus, is set to begin in the upcoming week in accordance with health protocols, head of the refinery’s Planning, Maintenance and Repair Department said on Tuesday.

As reported by IRNA, the overhaul of Isomax and North Hydrogen units is planned for 28 working days beginning from Wednesday, July 15, Mohammad-Baqer Feizabadi said.

According to Feizabadi, all the operations will be carried out in complete compliance with health and safety standards including using face mask by the workforce, as well as regular disinfection of caravans, public places, and work sites.

He noted that the overhaul program was scheduled to begin sooner, but due to the outbreak of the coronavirus and the need to comply with health protocols the implementation of this year’s plan was postponed.

Recharging the catalysts of the reactors of Isomax Unit and reformer furnace of Hydrogen Unit, replacement of damaged parts of the 2V-409 tower, as well as replacement of pig tailings, and repair of the roof insulation of the Hydrogen Unit are among the major operations that are set to be carried out in this 28-day program.

To accelerate the process, 500 additional experienced personnel will be participating in this year’s operations under the supervision of the company's main employees.

As reported, the IsoMax No. 2 Unit, with a nominal capacity of 15,000 barrels per day, converts the Isofide from the vacuum distillation tower into high-value, high-quality products. This unit converts the received feedstock through a nickel catalyst into light gases, liquefied petroleum gas, light and heavy naphtha, jet fuel and high-quality gas oil.

Also, Hydrogen Unit No. 2 has a nominal capacity of one million cubic meters per day. The feedstock for this unit is supplied by gases from catalytic converters and natural gas.


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