Tehran: U.S. shot down Iranian airplane ‘deliberately’ in 1988

July 3, 2020 - 17:7

TEHRAN — The Persian Gulf has long witnessed U.S. crimes in the region, Iran’s Foreign Ministry has said, adding that the U.S. deliberately shot down an Iranian airplane 32 years ago and killed 290 on board in 1988.

“What is US human rights?” the Foreign Ministry wrote in a tweet on Thursday. “Answer: Unparalleled commitment to killing people!”

It said, “Persian Gulf has long witnessed US crimes in the region. 32yrs ago, US deliberately shot down an Iranian airplane. 290 were killed.”

“US has not yet apologized nor embarrassed,” it added.

In recent days, Iran has rebuked the United States for its history of horrible, deadly violations of human rights both at home and in other countries.

“From 26 June to 2 July every year, Iranians recall horrible, deadly violation of human rights by the American regime,” Iran’s Foreign Ministry tweeted on June 26.

“In the next 7 days named as #USHumanRightsWeek, we will shed light on the US actions undermining basic rights of people at home, in Iran & elsewhere,” it added.

The ministry also noted that the U.S. regime is leading a global campaign including economic, medical terrorism against the Iranian people.

“From depriving Iran of its own financial resources for making ends meet, to banning delivery of the COVID19-related supplies for saving Iranians' lives, the US regime is desperately leading the global campaign to use economic, medical terrors agnst Iranian #HumanRights,” the Foreign Ministry wrote in another tweet on June 26.


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