Tehran warns norm-breaking narrative by Israel, even for publicity purposes, is

Tehran warns Israel against crossing red lines

July 7, 2020 - 17:54

TEHRAN — Tehran has warned Israel that pushing for a norm-breaking narrative with regard to any attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities equals crossing red lines, even if it’s done merely for propaganda purposes.

“The Israeli regime should be aware that creation of norm-breaking narrative on any attack against our nuclear facilities, even if it’s only propaganda, is considered as stepping in the path of violating redlines of global peace and security,” government spokesman Ali Rabiei said on Tuesday, Mehr reported.

He was pointing to a recent incident in the Natanz nuclear facility, which aroused suspicion about Israel or the United States’ possible involvement. 

Israeli Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi said on Sunday that “Iran cannot be allowed to have nuclear capabilities.” To that end, he claimed, “We take actions that are better left unsaid.”

In the past, Israel and the United States have used cyberattacks to undermine Iran’s nuclear program, but that has been ruled out as a cause in this case.

Rabiei said nothing can stop Iran’s nuclear program.

“This incident has not had any effect on the process of uranium enrichment, and the Natanz facilities are active as before; Iran’s nuclear activities are peaceful and despite hostilities of enemies, it cannot be stopped,” he stated.

“After the incident, some media outlets tried to create a powerful image for the Israeli regime and attributed the incident to it while officials of the usurper regime have refused to accept responsibility,” the government spokesman added.

Some analysts are of the opinion that Israel is seeking to misuse the incident and attribute it to itself.

Meanwhile, Judiciary Chief Ebrahim Raisi said on Monday those who have not done their duties properly regarding the incidents in the Natanz nuclear facility and Sina Clinic will be held accountable.

“The definite policy of the judicial body is to investigate and question directors who have not done their duties,” Raisi asserted.


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