Persian novel “I Saw that…” on filmmaker’s journey to war-torn Syria released  

July 12, 2020 - 18:59

TEHRAN – Iranian writer Fereshteh Amiri has recently published her latest novel “I Saw that…” about an Iranian documentarian who risks his life in war-torn Syria to search for his friend.

“I suffered a lot in writing this book; sufferings that sometimes stopped me from continuing,” Amiri has said.

“It was not an easy job to write about war and this war in particular whose fires are blazing deep down,” she added.

The story is narrated by Sussan, whose husband Hamid, a documentarian, decides to leave Iran to trace his close friend, Mostafa, who is missing in action in war-torn Syria.

Sussan, who was raised in an orphanage, is opposed to Hamid’s decision. However, he begins his journey which leads to his captivity.

This is also a spiritual journey for Hamid, Sussan and their daughter, Yasaman, during which everybody gains a new outlook toward life. 

“If there was not the kind people like Mostafa, who became eternal in their own ways, I could not have continued writing this book,” said Amiri, who is also the author of the acclaimed novels, “The Years of Separation” and “The Story of Benin”. 

“I Saw that…” has been published by Neyestan Publications in Tehran.

Photo: Front cover of Iranian writer Fereshteh Amiri’s latest novel “I Saw that…”.


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