Development of aquaculture in drought-affected areas on agenda

July 24, 2020 - 20:31

TEHRAN – The development of aquaculture in drought-affected areas is one of the government's programs on optimal use of water resources, which also creates job opportunities and boosts production, IRNA reported on Friday.

Due to the limitation of freshwater resources in the eastern regions of Iran mainly due to low precipitation during the last decade, in order to use water efficiently and increase production, construction of dual-purpose ponds downstream of springs, aqueducts, and water wells has been considered for agriculture.

Due to distance from the sea and the lack of a permanent river, South Khorasan province is always exposed to water scarcity, but having saline and brackish waters, which are suitable for some aquatic species, has provided a good opportunity for fish farming.

Mohammad Mehdi Saeedi, director of fisheries organization of South Khorasan, said that Tilapia farming is compatible with brackish waters.

Stating that more than 700 aquaculture ponds are active in the province, he noted that it is expected to harvest 50 tons of tilapia this year.

Fish farming along with agriculture is one of the methods of optimal use of water resources, which, while creating employment and helping the farmer's income, enriches agricultural water and increases agricultural and horticultural products, he concluded.


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