Earthquake forms stunning lake in Iran 80 years ago

August 9, 2020 - 18:42

TEHRAN – Churat Lake, situated in the northern province of Mazandaran, was created in the aftermath of an earthquake in 1939.

Miansheh lake, is also called Lake Churat due to its proximity to the village of Churat in Sari city.

The Lake, stretching to 2.5 hectares, is located 350 km from Tehran inside the pristine forests.

Following the closure of the spring water path that is located next to the lake, when the water recedes, the appearance of the remaining trees at the site of the lake creates a special landscape.

The geometric shape of the lake is elongated and its depth varies according to the amount of seasonal precipitation.

Another amazing attribution of the lake is different types of fish whose population has increased over the years as migratory birds transfer the eggs of fish to the lake.

The best time to enjoy visiting the gorgeous area is in spring, summer, and early autumn; the lake is also a great choice for sailing.


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